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The Winnie Shawl


The Winnie Shawl

This pattern has been designed with beginners in mind. It is ideal for perfecting an even tension and confidence with garter stitch.

You will need:

  • 5mm needles (I prefer a circular needle as the shawl becomes very wide towards the end).
  • 100g of sock weight yarn (this pattern would work just as well with any weight of yarn. Just adjust the needle size accordingly).
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in the ends.


  1. Cast on three stitches using your preferred method.
  2. Slip 1, knit front and back of next stitch, knit 1.
  3. Slip 1, kfb, knit to end.
  4. S1, kfb, k to end.

Continue until you have almost used almost all of your yarn then cast off using the method of your choice ensuring that your edge is nice and stretchy.


10 thoughts on “The Winnie Shawl

  1. About what is the finished dimensions of this shawl. It’s very new and there are no projects in progress or finished on ravelry. I bought yarn specifically for this so I’d love to know.

    1. Great question. I will measure it for you.

      1. Thank you!

    2. Mine is unblocked as I prefer it squishy but it is approximately 65cms deep and 165cms wide buy would be bigger if blocked. I can’t wait to see your finished shawl!

  2. When you are slipping the stitch are you slipping knit or purl wise. This looks like a great take along project!!

    1. Hi Mindy, I slip knit wise but it depends what sort of edge you want to create.

  3. Do I just continue pattern by repeating rows 2 thru 4?

    1. Yes Donna, just keep repeating. Sorry about the delay we’ve been busy with family holidays etc. I’d love to see your finished shawl!

  4. Is that a size 8 circular needle

    1. In US sizes? Yes a US size 8 is 5mm.

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