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I met Justine through an online craft group and fell in love with her style. Her art work is just amazing and so diverse as you can see by the few examples I’ve selected to share. It was only later that I learnt that she was a cancer survivor and an amazingly strong woman.

Recently, Justine organised a charity auction in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. I was more that happy to donate a prize to this amazing cause and have to confess to bidding on a few items myself! The auction was a huge success and we were able to help Justine to smash her £500 fundraising target.

Make A Wish
Make A Wish

Justine’s Just Giving Page is still live here if you would like to donate and she is selling prints of the amazing Make A Wish on her facebook page with £5 from each sale going to charity.

Look out for Justine’s work (and mine!) in the Handcrafted Uniquely Community – perfect for gift shopping!

You can find JakeArt1 on EtsyFacebook and her own website. Do pop over and say hello and tell her I sent you!

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And the winner is …

Louise Meeke!


Please get in touch to choose your prize!

For everyone else, you can have 20% off with the code OCTNEWS for the rest of October.

Did you like your newsletter? If so, please tell your friends. I’d love to increase circulation so that we can have more competitions and offers over the coming months.

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The Gallery @ Papercuts

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Yesterday was the launch of a gorgeous new gift shop and gallery in Whitley Bay. The Gallery @ Papercuts is the brain child of Saffron and Pat. Located at the back of a successful craft shop, this pop up shop is destined to be a huge success. I have filled four cubes with a mixture of hoops, memo boards and jewellery – some of which sold before I could even take a photo!

The gallery contains an array of beautiful art, jewellery, cosmetics, gifts and even preserves. The is certain to be something for everyone!

Other contributors include:

Claire Cooper

Claire Cooper

Kath Woollen

Kath Woollen

Tori Lo

Tori Lo Designs

Green Ginger Glass

Green Ginger Glass

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Nobia’s Art

Who doesn’t love jewellery? Who doesn’t love a rainbow of colours?

Orsi is the owner of Nobia’s Art and everything she creates is stunning. Her jewellery is so different and unique that it stands out in a sea of sameness.

Every time I see one of her images it makes me smile. It helps that she is lovely, funny and passionate about what she does.

If you haven’t seen her work, do visit her on facebook or etsy.

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Strong Women

Last night I spent time with two amazing women. I respect and admire them and know I am very lucky to have them supporting me 100% in everything I do. This has made me think about all of the other incredible women I know.

Since becoming a maker, I have joined various online groups and met some women who have achieved what seems like the impossible whilst surrounded by small children, piles of washing, groceries, pets and sometimes – husbands.

I don’t think I’m a feminist. I don’t think these women are better than or different from anyone else on this planet but they stand out to me because of what they have accomplished by, and for, themselves.

These women have supported me in my new ventures and enabled me to join their ranks. Initially I felt like a fraud. They were confident, independent, talented. I was just me!

I want to share with you a few of these women who have inspired me over the last couple of years. There are many more out there and I would love you to share the women who have influenced you in the comments.

Agni Prasanda BurningStef from Agni Prasanda Burning

Cake etc

Rachel from Cake etc

Cuddlebums YarnJodi from Cuddlebums Yarn

Devon Sun YarnsDaisy from Devon Sun Yarns

La Petite Fleur CakesNic from La Petite Fleur Cakes


Lucy from Woolaballoo

That's Sew Newburn

Emma from That’s Sew Newburn

Fleabubs by Lala

Nic from Fleabubs by Lala

Who are the strong women you admire? Share in the comments, we’d all love to meet them!

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A Sale A Day – 30 Day Challenge

Well I’ve come to the end of my 30 day challenge! A sale a day? No – nowhere near. BUT I think my little business has come a massive way in the last month.

Our etsy store now has 100 items available; we have this beautiful new website; we have attended a craft fair in the town centre and booked tables at two more; our photographs and product descriptions are much clearer and more professional; now we just need to start selling!

I have created a sign up form for our new newsletter which will be sent out at the end of the month including details of our latest products, crafting tips and special offers. I’d love your help with sharing the word. Let your crafty friends know and those who aren’t crafty but appreciate handmade.

If you sign up this month, you could win a mini hoop necklace of your choice! What are you waiting for!

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Market Day Tomorrow!

Today I’m getting ready for the Make & Mend Market tomorrow in Newcastle’s amazing Grainger Market. This will be the first time I will have attended this market and I’m really excited.

The Grainger Market has such an amazing bustling atmosphere and it is a long day (9am to 5pm) so is will hopefully be our most successful market yet.

The table-cloth is blowing on the line (fingers crossed it doesn’t rain) and I’m about to start a stock inventory to see what we are going to take.

Hopefully we’ll be able to pop the bubbly tomorrow evening and celebrate a successful day. In the meantime I need to finish my packing list!

What to take to the craft fair:

  • Paper bags in three sizes
  • Tissue Paper
  • Tape and stickers
  • Business Cards
  • Money belt
  • Float
  • Display board
  • Drawing Pins
  • Fairy Lights
  • Table Cloth
  • Pen and paper
  • Order book (if you take custom orders)
  • Glue
  • Staple gun
  • Warm clothing just in case
  • Drink and snacks
  • Knitting and book in case it is quiet (hopefully not needed)


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We all went on a Belgian holiday!

It had been five years since our amazing honeymoon so we decided it was time to go abroad again. We loved Bruges and knew that my parents would too so Belgium was easily decided upon. My dad stumbled across Sabine’s amazing house on The price was reasonable, the location looked good and it was available so we booked it (and spent months drooling over the amazing photos).

In reality, it was even better than in the photographs!

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The house itself was quirky and unique, full of antiques and Sabine’s art. The garden was breathtaking. Full of quirky items, beautiful potted plants and a cheeky kitten who snuck in from next door!

Next to the house is Sabine’s gallery. It is a little piece of heaven (especially with a glass of wine in your hand).

Her art is totally unique and the detail amazing. Standing nose to nose with some of her massive pieces I could see the reflections in the eyes of her faces. A detail that was totally hidden from only a few feet away.


Belgium was fantastic. The sun shone. The food was fantastic. The architecture amazing. Belgium – we love you!

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Hi-ho, hi-ho …

Today is my first day in my new job. As you can probably guess, I wrote this a few days ago and scheduled it to appear today.  Right now I’m sat in a room full of sensible adults talking about sensible things.

I’m both excited and terrified about starting this job. I was at my last school for seven years. New starts are scary! The children I met on intake day were lovely, the staff helpful and the building fairly easy to navigate. Doesn’t stop the dreams about the students not listening or forgetting to plan a lesson and staring blankly at a class of 60!

I think I may take some crochet. If all else fails I can wave my magic stick and have them all fascinated. It is amazing how interested even preteen boys are in creating something out of a ball of yarn.

Wish me luck!

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Art Gallery Discovery – Whitley Bay


Last week we visited the gorgeous Links Art Gallery after spending the afternoon on the beach.

The cafe is on the links side of the building, near the car park. There is a large range of seating from comfy sofas to highchairs and the menu is varied and interesting and available here.As well as hot tea and delicious cake, I fell in love.  They have an amazing selection of art on their walls as well as prints and cards available to purchase.

I particularly liked the work of Jane Jackson who can be found here – Bright Seed Textiles and Laura Edgar. Both ladies are local to Whitley bay and use inspiration from their surroundings in their art.

I think what fascinated me most about their work was their use of textiles. Jane uses Harris Tweed to create the most amazing collages many depicting local landscapes and wildlife.

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Laura combines haberdashery, vintage textiles, embroidery and paint techniques to create unique and dramatic pieces.

You can find Laura on Facebook or click on the images above to visit her website.

I have added both their work to my pinterest boards so pop over and take a look.

Don’t forget to pop in to the gallery if you are in Whitley Bay (and try the salted caramel chocolate brownies).