Under the Rowan Trees


Under the Rowan Trees is a small business based in the Northumberland countryside. The business was born from a love of yarn, fabric and wood. We aim to create unusual accessories for you and your home.

Please visit our blog to find out more.

12 thoughts on “Under the Rowan Trees

  1. Your website is looking lovely Danielle, very well done, and I wish you every success 🙂 x

    1. Thank you Ruth. Your help and support is really appreciated!

  2. Fabulous to see your website Danielle…going to have a proper mooch around later xx

    1. Thank you Claire. Do let me know if you find anything misbehaving!

  3. Looks great, Danielle. Good luck with it all xxx

  4. Well done, the website looks great!

    Good luck xxxxxxx

  5. Fabulous website, looking absolutely gorgeous, well done. I wish you every success. X

  6. Nice website, easy to browse. Wish you luck. xxx

  7. Well done Danielle, Love your website and the slide show:) I was just watching and watching ….Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Orsi. Have you seen my latest post?

  8. Your website looks wonderful! Keep up the great work! I love the slideshow! Your embroidery has me drooling!

  9. Your work is impressive. The accessories are unique and lovely. 🙂

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